A brand new commission award to empower photographers to bring awareness to environmental, wildlife and humanitarian concerns
30 April 2020
3:59 PM

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The Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award is a brand-new commission award that aims to empower photographers based in Asia Pacific focusing on environmental, wildlife preservation, and humanitarian concerns.

The theme for the inaugural edition is Rediscovering Lost Connections. Despite our modern world becoming more interconnected than ever before, many have lost touch with the environment. The theme encompasses the need for us to reconnect to our immediate surroundings -- to the environment, people and all living creatures that co-exists on earth. The commission award hopes to bring about an awareness of the issues that affect us and our future generations.

What winners receive

One final winner will be awarded with SGD$20,000 to create new works which will be exhibited as part of the 7th edition of Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), beginning in October 2020. Having a viewership of close to 200,000 visitors in its last edition, the SIPF platform will confer international exposure t­­­­­o the commissioned artist and further expand their work to bring awareness to environment and humanitarian issues.

The new commissioned works will be part of a fundraising managed by an appointed gallerist. Profits from the sales of works will benefit both the artist and selected charities and wildlife causes in Asia that will be chosen by Silvana S. Foundation, of which 50% goes to the artist, 35% to charity, 10% to the appointed gallerist, and 5% to the Foundation to cover administrative costs.

About the organisers

The award is a partnership between Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), the largest biennial international photo festival held in Southeast Asia, and the Silvana S. Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the late Silvana Regina Sutanto which aims to raise awareness for humanitarian and environmental issues through photography.

How to Enter

All photographers in the Asia Pacific region are welcomed to submit their proposals and portfolios based on the theme. Each individual submitter is allowed a maximum of two bodies of work (7-15 images). Works have to be made in 2016 and later. There is no submission fee.

Judging Criteria

Submissions would be judged based on how the works addresses the theme in regards to environmental, wildlife preservation, and humanitarian issues. Each body of work would be assessed by an esteemed jury of photographers and curators, who will select the finalists. The finalists will then be interviewed by representatives from SIPF, the Foundation, an appointed gallerist who will select the final winner.


Call for entries open
31 December 2019
Submission deadline
30 April 2020
Finalist Announcement
July 2020
Winner announcement
September 2020
Singapore International Photography Festival 2020
November 2020
Showcase of Commissioned Work
August 2021



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Juror information

Piyatat Hemmatat is the founder of RMA Institute (2009 - 2019), a creative space exhibiting emerging, regional and international photography as well as other media. It eventually evolved into PhotoBangkok in 2015, Bangkok's first home grown International Photography Festival. He has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from City & Guild London Art School (1999 - 2001), followed by a Master's degree in visual art from Chelsea College of Art & Design (2002). Piyatat's multimedia explorations in Photography, Sculpting and Video Installation encompass a variety of narratives and have been continually published and exhibited both locally and internationally. He is recognised for his experimental works, combining ideas of nature, science, technology, mystery and mythologies.

Katya Guerrero is the founder of Luzviminda: Archive of Philippine Photography, a platform to introduce Philippine photography to a wider audience. This is an offshoot of her ongoing work at Pioneer Studios where she manages the photography, digitization and fine art printing department. A daughter of a photographer-publisher, she grew up in a rich environment that enabled her to intuitively understand the photographic processes from conception to print. Since the 1990s, she has consistently worked on creative initiatives to support and promote Philippine art and culture.

Ihiro Hayami is the founder and director of T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL (Tokyo International Photography Festival). He's the former chief editor of Japanese Photography Magazine, "PHaT PHOTO" (2012-2014), and was the gallery director of RINGCUBE (Ginza). His selected curatorial exhibitions include, Alejandro Chaskielberg's "Otsuchi Future Memories" (2016), and Alex Prager's "WEEK-END" (2010). Over the past few years, he has served as juror, lecturer, and reviewer at various international photo festivals and photography Universities.

Seok Jae-hyun is a photographer, educator, curator and the director of ArtSpace LUMOS, an exhibition space and photobook library. He has experience working as a photographer for the New York Times, International Herald Tribune and Korean GEO. In 2006, Seok organized the Daegu Photo Biennale, and since then has curated many international exhibitions. He has also been involved in theDali International Photo Exhibition in China since 2011, Foto Istanbul and PhotoBrussel Festival, and has participated in many international photo festivals as a portfolio reviewer.

James Tan is one of the top printmakers in the Asia pacific region endorsed by many major brands like ILFORD, Eizo, Canon, Leica, Soraa, as their ambassador and educator. He was awarded Fellowship in 2009 by UK's Master Photographers Association (MPA) and trained in photography judging in MPA's HQ. He has been in the judging panels of several international photography competitions, such as MPA's Annual Awards and WPPI's 16x20 Competition. Tan is serving in the Professional Photographers Association of Singapore as Honorary Secretary, and Deputy Ambassador and Chair of Qualifications for the MPA's Far East Chapter.


  1. Do I have to be a qualified photographer to participate?
    Answer: No, you do not have to be qualified in order to participate. Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award is open to all emerging and established photographers from the Asia Pacific Region.

  2. Who can participate?
    Answer: Participation is open to all applicants based in the Asia Pacific region.

  3. How many applications can I submit?
    Answer: Each candidate is allowed only one application each, with a maximum of 2 Projects (body of work) per submission.

  4. How many images can I submit in total?
    Answer: For each body of work, you may submit a minimum of 7 images to a maximum of 15 images.

  5. Is there a specific theme for the submission?
    Answer: Yes. All submissions will be judged based on the adherence to the theme. The theme Rediscovering Lost Connections covers the topic of environmental, wildlife preservation, and humanitarian concerns worldwide.

  6. What constitutes a body of work?
    Answer: A body of work consists of more than one image. It should embody and convey a consistent message, idea, theme and/or topic.

  7. Will I still retain the copyright of my images?
    Answer: Yes. All artists will retain their rights to their works. However, if a project is selected, the artist is required to transfer his/her rights to SIPF and Silvana S. Foundation temporarily for free reproduction and exhibition of the submitted images in all media, printed marketing material, publication and online, but only in connection with SIPF and its promotion.

  8. Am I allowed to submit digitally-manipulated images?
    Answer: Yes.

  9. Other than still images, will other forms of submission of media be accepted?
    Answer: No.

  10. Can I submit works that were previously published by other exhibition/competitions?
    Answer: Yes.

  11. Can I submit my images via mail?
    Answer: No. Submission of images has to be done online. To submit your works online, visit https://contests.picter.com/silvana-s-foundation-commission-award

  12. Who will be selecting the works?
    Answer: Please see information on our jury panel on the Open Call website.

  13. What is an artist statement/project description?
    Answer: An artist statement is a written description of your body of works. The write up should convey a consistent message, idea, theme and/or topic of your series.

  14. Can I submit my works without an artist statement?
    Answer: No. An artist statement is important for the curators to understand the submitted works. The artist statement will also be used in the festival website, exhibition and catalogue if your works are selected. Hence, it is strongly advised that participants submit a cohesive and concise artist statement or risk being disqualified.

  15. Do I need to pay to submit my work?
    Answer: No, it is free to submit for the Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award.

  16. Can I register and pay on behalf of another photographer?
    Answer: To prevent unnecessary misunderstanding, photographers are advised to register under their own name for submission of works.

  17. When will the winner be announced?
    Answer: The results will be announced in June 2020 via email notification. It will also be publicised on SIPF's website and social media platforms in June 2020.

  18. If I am not based in Singapore, do I have to be physically present during the festival?
    Answer: Only the final winner of the award will be required to be present during the festival, between 8 -- 11 Oct 2020.

  19. Will the winner be required to print their own works?
    Answer: Yes. The winner will be required to produce 5 (minimum) to 7 (maximum) photographs, printed and framed, to present at a fundraising exhibition at the Singapore International Photography Festival 2020. Profits from the sales of works will benefit both the artist and selected charities and wildlife causes in Asia chosen by Silvana S. Foundation.

For questions not answered here, please contact the Festival Office at info@sipf.sg.

30 April 2020
3:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.