SUGi x NAVA Photography contest. Rewild our eyes and show us the ways you connect to Nature.
29 July 2022
10:59 PM

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The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest celebrates the ways we bring nature closer, even in everyday urban settings. We want to see wild places through your lens and your creativity. The wild places you experience may be close to home or far away, in town or in a more remote locale. We love the notion of nature kindling the wild side of human nature too. We welcome all types of photography, whether you are documenting the natural world as it is today or envisioning a future paradise. The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest welcomes photographers of all levels from around the world to submit their work for the chance to win cash prizes totaling $10,000 with a grand prize of $4,000.

SUGi empowers people to invest in nature and restore biodiversity by planting SUGi Pocket Forests in cities, schools and waterways around the world. NAVA Contemporary is an art advisory offering consultancy services and an online gallery featuring a curated selection of artwork by compelling artists.

The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest is open to everyone, worldwide

Whether you are a professional photographer, photography enthusiast, or a beginner, the Photography contest is open to contestants worldwide.


If you would like to, you may wish to make a $5 donation to SUGi upon entry.  SUGi's mission is to build biodiversity and restore ecosystems around the world. This optional donation does not affect contest judging or potential winnings in any way.

If you do not wish to make a donation, please use this voucher code: su01-u1p3c


The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest is open to everyone, with the exception of employees and board members of SUGi and NAVA, as well as their families and household members.

Image Rights

Contest participants retain ownership and all other rights to their submitted photographs.  Participants agree to the following upon entering the contest: each entrant grants SUGi & NAVA a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, and display submitted images directly relating to the contest in all media throughout the world in perpetuity.  This includes and is not limited to SUGi & NAVA websites, social media, and any promotional/marketing materials.  Any usage of photographs will always carry the photographer's credit line.

What winners receive


Cash prizes will be awarded.  The prize structure is as follows:

1st Place $4,000

2nd Place $2,000

3rd Place $1,000

4th Place $550

5th Place $500

6th Place $450

7th Place $400

8th Place $350

9th Place $300

10th Place $250

People's Choice $200


Call for entries open
3 June 2022
Submission deadline
29 July 2022
Winners announcement
23 September 2022



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Contest Jury

Eslah Attar, Photo Editor, The New York Times

Eslah Attar is a visual storyteller from the suburbs of Ohio where she studied photojournalism and documented immigration in her community. Prior to joining The New York Times as a photo editor for the NYT Audio App, she worked at National Geographic as an associate photo editor. Before then, she worked at National Public Radio as a photo editor and photographer.

Nicole Archibeque, Co-Founder/Partner NAVA Contemporary

Based in San Francisco, Nicole Archibeque has worked in the art world for over fourteen years. She spent five years as the program director for RH Contemporary Art, playing a key role in launching the division, working closely with artists, and selecting artwork for the program. Prior to this, she worked for Berggruen Gallery, in San Francisco, was the director of Honor Fraser Gallery, in Los Angeles, as well as Kantor/Feuer Gallery, also in Los Angeles. She feels lucky to have worked with an incredible roster of influential artists and is passionate about offering exposure to emerging and underrepresented artists through NAVA Contemporary.

Prasenjeet Yadav, Natural history & Science photographer

Prasenjeet Yadav is a molecular ecologist turned Natural history and science photographer. Early in his scientific career, he realized that his real passion lay in visual storytelling. He now combines his experience in research with his photography skills to popularize ecological and conservation sciences in the wider society. In his short career, he has worked on very diverse projects, including evolution in India's sky-islands, climate change in eastern Himalaya, impacts of sustainable energy on reptiles, living root bridges of northeast India, impacts of tourism on Snow Leopards, and ecology of Narcondam Island. He has also initiated a program that helps scientists learn the skills of storytelling and science communication in India. His work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, National Public Radio etc.

You can learn more about him on his website:

Instagram: @prasen.yadav

Twitter: @prasen_yadav

Daniel Diego Lincoln, Creative Director at SUGi Project

Daniel is a multi-disciplinary creative strategist, working across fashion, lifestyle and technology. Daniel has built audiences for renowned brands with compelling messaging and simple, sticky tools for sustained engagement.

Contest Terms & Conditions

Before entering the contest, please read the full terms and conditions below. By entering the contest, you agree to these terms and conditions.

29 July 2022
10:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.