A photography competition for young and emerging photographers, who are starting their careers, rethinking creative strategies, conceptual approach and have a new series to share with our public.
15 June 2020
10:59 PM


The competition is open to young and emerging authors. We do not restrict submissions nor by place of residence, nor by age, nor by topic. The most important thing that the artist is starting his/her carrier or rethinking his/her creative strategies, conceptual approach and have a new series to share. The priority working technique should be photography, but we look openly at the submissions covering extended field of photography and lens based art.

The submitter series should consist of works, which were never previously exhibited fully. Jury of artists, art critics, publishers and educators will choose 10 finalists. Their group exhibition will be opened in July-August, 2020. There will be catalogue published together with the exhibition. The three winners will be selected out of these finalists and announced at the exhibition opening.

This competition is one of the most important activities dedicated to young emerging photographers in two year plan to try to see what work is produced among the youngest future professionals and what kind of possible “forecast” we could expect. There are no much competitions for young emerging professionals here in Lithuania, so we deeply believe that participating here can be encouraging to keep working and a great possibility to show your work.

This year we changed the name of competition from DEBUT to RESTART. We feel that the new name reflects the specific of competition better and holds more opportunities of expression in itself. Also the term “debut” has meaning of first time show, which is harder and harder to reach in today’s visual art with so many activities and possibilities.

The old Debut photography exhibitions have been held in Lithuania since 1976. In Soviet times they were called exhibitions of young photographers, and the age of participants was limited to 35 years. Many talented photographers, who were beginners then and today are very well known here in Lithuania took part in these exhibitions at that time, including Virgilijus Šonta, Romualdas Požersis, Vytautas Balčytis, Raimondas Paknys, Violeta Bubelytė, Algirdas Šeškus, Gintautas Trimakas, Vytautas Stanionis, Aleksandras Ostašenkovas, Alfonsas Budvytis, and many others. Seven exhibitions of young photographers were held in the period 1975-1988. In 2010 the Lithuanian Photographers Association “restarted” this forgotten idea. It was organized as biannual contests named Debut, dedicated to the search for new faces in Lithuanian photography. Since 2016 we try to make it international contest to open possibilities for international artists to be seen here and Lithuanian artists to be seen abroad.

What winners receive

  • What winners receive*
  • All 10 finalists will take part in a group exhibition at Prospekto photography gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Three jury selected finalists (who collected highest rates) will get the opportunity to make a personal exhibition at the Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stikliu str. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania) the following year. Organization will support partly the production costs.
  • Printed catalogue of the exhibition will be shipped or given at the opening.
  • All 10 finalists will be featured in one of the most popular news portal in Culture section

About Lithuanian Photographers Association

In 1969 there was established the Lithuanian Photographers Association (then Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers), after hard struggle with soviet bureaucracy. From the very beginning the mission of the Association was to promote art of photography in a way of exhibition, books, lectures or symposiums, that it would reflect the actual and the best what is going on in this lively field of constant change.
In 1973 Lithuanian Photographers Association opened Vilnius photography gallery, which was the only one exhibition space devoted to the photography at the time. In 2000 when Lithuania was already an independent state the Lithuanian Photographers Association has opened a new photography gallery - Prospekto photography gallery after the title of Gedimino avenue where it is situated.
Both galleries show a wide range of photography stiles from very classical black and white documentary to the conceptual and contemporary photography. Beside local and international exhibitions the organization also publish books, organize lectures, every year organize International Photography Symposium “NIDA. Meeting Photography”.

How to enter

  • The competition is open to authors, who are 18 years old or older, living in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Theme is open.
  • The series should consist from 6 to 15 photographs, created no earlier than 2015.
  • Dimensions of the images: 2500px on the long size is the default (4000px max)
  • The series of photographs cannot be exhibited and published before (individual photographs may be displayed in group exhibitions or published in catalogues).

Judging Criteria

  • Clear topic expressed in series of work
  • Innovative approach
  • Creative use of visual language
  • Creative use of media
  • Ability to explain the work


Call for entries open
15 May 2020
Submission deadline
15 June 2020
Shortlist announcement
21 June 2020
Winner announcement
28 July 2020
and catalogue presentation of RESTART2020
28 July 2020



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    Country of residence

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    Biography with up to 1500 characters

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    1 project per submission

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    6 to 15 images per project

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    File type must be JPG

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    At least 2500px on the long edge


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    Project country

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    Project description

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Juror information

Dovilė Dagienė - Doda is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Vilnius. In 2020 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Photography and Media Art with DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts) degree. Research interests include memory, imagination, time and place in photography.

Arturas Valiauga - Artist, Professional photographer, Lecturer of photography at Vilnius College of Design and Technologies.

Donatas Stankevičius - Artist, curator at Kaunas photography gallery

Milda Kiaušaitė - Photographer, editor

Vilma Samulionytė (Photographer, Film-maker, Curator at Lithuanian Photographers Association, Artistic director of International Photography Symposium NIDA.Meeting Photography) www.vilmos.lt

Gytis Skudžinskas (Artist, book artist and graphic designer, curator, Head of Lithuanian Photographers Association) www.nrb.lt


  1. Can work be not a series but separate good images?
    It can be but we prefer authors, who work in series.

  2. Can I be a resident of other country then Lithuania and participate in the competition?
    Yes, you can.

  3. Do I have to write the series description as a text.
    It is always good to hear authors perspective on his work. So, yes, please write at least very short text about your series. But not more then 2000 signs.

  4. Can my work be exhibited or published before?
    It can be published but not the whole series. It can be exhibited but not a whole series or personal exhibition. It could be exhibited in group exhibition.

  5. What language I should fill the form?
    Please fill it Lithuanian or English. Either one is ok.
15 June 2020
10:59 PM