Open Call: Labs New Artists III
3 June 2019
6:59 AM


We are pleased to announce the open call for Labs New Artists III, a summer group show at Red Hook Labs Gallery in New York. The exhibition will feature work by twenty-five emerging, international photographers, unrepresented by a gallery or an agency and selected from Red Hook Labs’ open call by a jury of industry leaders. The show will provide unparalleled exposure for the artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage.

As continued support for the artists selected for the Labs New Artists III exhibition, each will be paired with one juror for a year-long mentorship following the show. Our 2019 jury will be announced shortly.

To further expose the artists work to an international audience, the exhibition will travel to Oslo and Milan during the fall following its New York opening.

Red Hook Labs is dedicated to supporting emerging talent globally, and to showing personal bodies of work that apply fresh techniques and aesthetics to the photographic medium. Applicants are invited to submit up to 20 images that they feel best represent their point of view as an artist.

All Labs profits go to Red Hook Labs Education and Jobs Initiative, a 501(c)3.


Call for entries open
11 March 2019
Submission deadline
3 June 2019
Winner announcement
17 June 2019
Labs New Artists III Exhibition Opening
17 July 2019



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What is Labs New Artists III Open Call?
​Labs New Artists III Open Call is a prestigious international open call for emerging photographers, unrepresented by a gallery or agency and selected by a jury of industry leaders. Selected work is featured at Labs New Artists exhibition, a summer group show at Labs Gallery. In 2019, the exhibition will happen for a third year in a row. Over the past years, Red Hook Labs has helped launch careers of numerous artists around the world and is dedicated to provide continuous support. Therefore, each artist selected for this exhibition will also be paired with one of the open call jurors for a yearlong mentorship following the show. As well, the exhibition will travel internationally.

Who can submit?
Any photographer, unrepresented by a gallery or an agency, can submit to this Open Call. This is an international open call, so we accept submissions from all over the world. Also, there are no age requirements.

What is the cost?
It costs $25 to make a submission to this Open Call. The fee goes directly to Red Hook Labs Education & Jobs Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit, that provides free photography classes to underserved youth in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London.

I have shown my work in a gallery before. Can I submit?
Yes, you can submit as long as you are not represented by a gallery.

Can I submit my work if I have previously been represented by an agency or gallery but am not currently?
Yes, you can still submit if you are currently not represented by a gallery or agency.

How do I choose what to submit?
Please submit an edit of your best work. You can submit up to 20 images which can be from different bodies of work. There are no restrictions in terms of how many bodies of work you can submit - you can submit one project or you can submit a few. Once you are selected, we will select the work from your submission to showcase in the exhibition.

What happens to my work after the exhibition?
Red Hook Labs gallery will sign a consignment agreement with you before the exhibition which allows Red Hook Labs gallery to sell your work for a year following the exhibition. Your artwork will be stored at Red Hook Labs storage for that year and after that you will be able to collect any unsold pieces. The exhibition may also travel to be showcased in other countries.

Can I submit video works?
This Open Call is for photographers only.

Are diptychs allowed?
Yes, diptychs, triptychs or other multiple-image compositions are certainly allowed. If you would like your images to be considered in pairs or sets, we ask that you submit each pair/set as its own file. This file will be judged as one image

What size my images should be?
Images should be JPGs, at least 1500px on the long edge.

Can I enter as a duo?
Yes, you can enter as a duo!

Can I edit my work after submission?
Once you submit, you cannot edit your submission anymore.

When will I know if I was selected?
We will email all selected participants on June 17.

3 June 2019
6:59 AM