Celebrating the Unseen
10 December 2021
10:59 PM

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Celebrating the Unseen

In the Queer community, things are shifting. Decades of emancipation in the Western world has improved the position of the white, cisgender lesbian and gay community, allowing them to enjoy more privileges than many others. However, what about other members of the LGBTQIA+ community - particularly BIPOC, transgender, and queer people - who face deeply structural exclusion, discrimination, and marginalisation worldwide? Too often they are confronted with racism and xenophobia, transphobia, sexism, intersexphobia, biphobia, ableism, queerphobia, and more, whether or not combined with Afrophobia, antisemitism, or islamophobia. We believe that the experiences of the rich and varied LGBTQIA+ community should be interpreted and accepted in an intersectional way, there is no one-size-fits-all.

To change this and raise awareness of the existence of discrimination within the LGBTQIA+ community, we think that as Artists and as an Art Organisation we must work from the inside out, like a stone to water. Therefore, Pride Photo 2022 welcomes those whose voices often go unheard, focusing on the people who need to be seen the most. We want to rethink what the queer community stands for; what stories should be told, and why? We challenge YOU to submit your work that best fits this exhibition. We want YOU to tell the stories of the queer community that the world should see, centering the voices and experiences of those who too often go unheard.

As an organisation keen to challenge the public's perception of sexual and gender diversity to bring greater acceptance to all of the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride Photo believes that change comes from within and that we must work from the inside out to spotlight the voices of the most marginalised. We want you to feel encouraged to tell stories from within the dynamic queer community, that you think should be told now! Join us for Pride Photo 2022 to celebrate the unseen, and offer Queer Justice to everyone!

What winners receive

  • €500 for the photographer of the winning single image.
  • €1000 for the photographer of the winning series.
  • A personal portfolio review by one of the jury members.
  • Being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals, photography lovers, thousands of visitors and in the media when the awarded photos are prominently displayed in the Pride Photo Exhibitions 2022, stating the award, photographers name, title and description.
  • Being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals, photography lovers, when the awarded photos are (repeatedly) displayed on the website and social media platforms of Pride Photo, in which the photographer will be mentioned and where possible tagged.

About Pride Photo

Pride Photo is a platform for inspiring stories about sexual and gender diversity. Through the medium of Photography, we strive to show images and portray the stories behind them, in order to create a safe place for dialogue and intriguing presentations for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

The artistic ambition of Pride Photo results in the annual international photo contest. The selected images will be included in the popular Pride Photo Exhibition, an outdoor photo exhibition which starts in Amsterdam and will travel afterwards to several locations in The Netherlands.

Submissions can come from all photographic disciplines and from people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, political beliefs, religion or nationality, as long as the photos represent sexual and gender diversity.

Pride Photo, which is based in Amsterdam, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 and that is unique in its kind.

More about Pride Photo as well as information about the previous edition and the winners can be found on our website: www.pridephoto.org | www.pridephoto.org/previous-editions-of-pride-photo/


Call for entries open
1 October 2021
Submission deadline
10 December 2021
Winner announcement
22 January 2022
Start of Pride Photo 2022
April 2022



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Juror information

Simomo Boujarra, artist | performer | choreographer
Simomo Boujarra -The Private Dancer- moves, moves you, and is moved by you, in many different contexts, environments, (inside/ouside) and (non)professional spaces. Simomo holds space and helps you activate it collectively. With diverse (cultural, professional, moving) skills that find origins from Morocco to here. With a varied dance background: starting “on the streets” where they danced hip-hop, to the ROYAL Conservatory of contemporary dance in Antwerp. Simomo has also started a Masters research program ISAC (Institute Supérieure des Arts Chorégraphique) at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Now based in Rotterdam, they like to play with artists from the low countries.

Jan Hoek, photographer | artist | writer
Jan Hoek (1984) is an artist and writer. In his work he is always attracted to the beauty of outsiders worldwide and always keen to collaborate intensively with people that normally are overlooked and create together a new image. In the universe of Hoek the ‘normal’ people are the strangers and the outsiders are the funky rulers of this planet. Jan is also the founder of Outsiderland, a cultural space that connects the world of so called "outsider artists" for example with down syndrome or a homeless background and the most unique artists from the "regular" art world.

Lynnee Denise, artist, scholar, writer, and DJ
Lynnée Denise’s work reflects underground cultural movements, the 1980s, migration studies, theories of escape, and electronic music of the African Diaspora. Denise coined the phrase "DJ Scholarship" to re-position the role of the DJ from a party purveyor to an archivist, cultural custodian, and information specialist of music with critical value. Through interactive workshops, lectures, and presentations at universities, conferences, and performance venues, Denise harnesses music as a medium for vital public dialogue on how to transform how music of the Black Atlantic is understood in its social context and beyond entertainment. Denise lives and works between Amsterdam and London.

Yuki Kho, journalist
Yuki Kho is an Arts & Culture journalist for VPRO (Dutch public broadcasting). Yuki is co-host of podcast Naakt op een kleedje (trans: Naked on a rug) and founder of VPRO Dorst & Kunst Kijken met Ko & Kho.

Samira Damato, Curator and Filmmaker
Samira Damato is a former curator and exhibition manager at World Press Photo. Currently she is the creative director of NOOR images, and working as a project and exhibitions manager.


Do I have to be an established artist/photographer to participate?

No, you don't have to be qualified in order to participate. The Open Call of Pride Photo Award 2022 is open to all emerging and established visual artists worldwide. We encourage applications from all individuals and/or collectives who meet the criteria.

Is there a theme for the Pride Photo Award Open Call?

Yes. The submitted works must correspond to the topic of this year's edition, being: Celebrating the Unseen. Furthermore, we are looking for works that challenge the way we think and question established ideas of engagement.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is Friday, 10th of December 2021, 11:59 AM, CET.

How much does it cost?

€15 per category, depending on the number of projects.

How many projects can I submit?

You can submit a maximum of 2 projects per application, however you are free to register more than once.

How can I pay for my inscription?

The payment for your participation goes through Picter and the payment is limited to credit card. If you don't have a personal credit card, see if someone you know could make the payment for you. If this is not possible, as a last result you could send a message to Pride Photo (info@pridephoto.org), to see how we could resolve this issue.

What are the age requirements?

All the participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission.

Can I send my submission by email?

We do not accept entries by email as an alternative to digital uploading. Please register on www.picter.com and upload your entries online.

Can I submit video stills or installation shots with my submission?

Yes, you can submit video stills and/or installation shots as part of the images for a series. Make sure to explain that these are stills from a video or installation shots in the series description. It's not possible to upload the video itself but in both cases, you may provide a link in the description.

My work has been awarded in other competitions. Can I still submit them?

Yes. There is no restriction to submitting work that has been part of other photo competitions or prior exhibitions.

Can I enter as a duo or collective?

Yes, duos and collectives are more than welcome to participate.

Can I submit using an artist name?

Yes, but you must include your real name on the application form as well.

Will my images be sold?

No. You retain copyright to your work and your images will not be sold or used for commercial purposes. In the event that your work is selected for the final exhibition and a viewer likes your work, we will redirect the potential buyer to you.

If I win, will I have to send in high-resolution files of my work?

Yes. Once the jury has made its final selection, we will contact you to request high-resolution files to produce the exhibition.

Who will decide which works are selected?

A selection of international professionals working in the field of Arts & Culture will view all the images submitted and select the winning entries. For more information, see the names and bios of the jurors on this page.

When will I know if I have been selected?

The winners will be announced online on the 22nd of January 2020. After the winners have been chosen, the curators will put together the exhibition. They will choose from the submitted photos, based on both artistic and content-related criteria. Although you are not a winner, your photo may be selected for the Pride Photo exhibition 2022. Photographers of the selected photo(s) will be informed before April 1s. If you have not been notified that your work has been selected by April 1st 2022, unfortunately your application has not been successful.

If my work is not selected, will I receive feedback about it?

Due to the high number of submissions to the Open Call, it is impossible for the jury to provide personalized comments to all the participants.

Do I need to send a printed version of my photo(s) if they are selected by Pride Photo for the exhibition?

No, we only require digital versions of the selected images. For the exhibition, we will print large-format prints. Sometimes we do ask photographers to send higher-resolution versions of the images, if the photos submitted to the contest are not high-resolution enough, but there is no need to send us physical prints.

I am concerned about revealing my identity if my images are selected for the exhibition. Can I use a pseudonym or alias name?

Yes, of course. Pride Photo understands that in some cases revealing the identity of a photographer could put them in danger, perhaps due to the sensitive nature of LGBTQ+ politics and laws in some parts of the world. We do need your details in order to communicate with you, but we will not share your information publicly or with third parties, if requested. Please feel free to include this in your application or email us directly if you are concerned about this.

If you have a question that was not covered by this FAQ, please get in touch with a member of our team via email (info@pridephoto.org) and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!

10 December 2021
10:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.