Presenting new fine art photography
14 February 2020
10:59 PM

About The Censored Exhibition

The Censored Exhibition is a group show that seeks to present a contemporary selection of international fine art photography. Around 60 works produced within the past two years will be selected by an international jury, which is appointed each year. This year the jury consists of Kristine Kern, director of Fotografisk Center, Alain Bieber, artistic director of NRW-Forum, and Ángel Luis González Fernández, founder and CEO of PhotoIreland Foundation. The works will exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival on June 4-14 2020. The exhibition is part of the festival’s programme pillar Framing Vision, which focuses on the aesthetics and techniques of photographic expression.

As part of The Censored Exhibition, your work will be exhibited right in the festival centre at the 2020 edition of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Scandinavia's largest photo festival. The festival centre is located at Refshaleøen, an island in Copenhagen with an industrial history. The raw atmosphere has made the island a creative centre with art institutions such as Copenhagen Contemporary, theatres, food markets and cultural events which draws an audience from the entire world.

Through guided tours as well as online promotions and invitations to curators and gallerists from all over the world, the festival aims to promote the photographers exhibited to a broad, dedicated audience as well as to critics and curators. Many of the photographers who have been selected previously are recognized today, and we encourage all exhibiting artists and photographers to visit the festival and become part of its community.

What exhibitors receive

  • An exhibition space in the heart of the festival

  • A chance to be promoted through the festival channels, both digitally and in print

  • An invitation to participate in our networking dinner and visitors programme

  • The chance to become part of an international community of photographers

  • The chance to have your works sold at auction on the final day

All selected photographers will be invited to a networking dinner as well as other events during the festival. Copenhagen Photo Festival also collaborates with Human Hotel, giving you a unique opportunity to become part of a community and expand your network - both at the festival as well as during your stay in Copenhagen. Also, staying with a local host will reduce your energy usage by up to 74% and your CO2-emissions by 88% compared to staying in a hotel.

As a part of The Censored Exhibition you also get the chance to have your work sold at an auction event on the last day of the festival. This event is planned in collaboration with the highly recognized Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers and takes place at the art centre, Copenhagen Contemporary. It is 100% voluntary to participate in the auction, which will be open online at throughout the festival period. All online bids will be transferred to the live auction on the day of the event.

Please notice: There will be relevant events for exhibiting photographers to attend both at the beginning of the festival as well as on the final day (Please see timeline underneath).

Last year's photographers and visual artists: Adam Jandrup (DK), Alex Marchis (RO), Andreas Till (DE), Anna Cherednikova (RU/ES), Annika Björndotter (SE), Charles Xelot (FR), Christian Guldager (DK), Claudio Verbano (IT/DE), Dieter Schamne (DE), Eric Tabuchi (FR), Erlend Berge (NO), Gerlinde Miesenboeck (AT/DE), Kasper Christiansen (DK), Lars Daniel (DK), Ludovica Bastianini (IT), Martin Magntorn (SE), Martin Tscholl (DE), Paola Ruvioli (IT), Philip Gath (DK), Qian Jin (CN), Sofie Pihl (DK), Stepan Chubaev (RU), Tommaso Sacconi (IT/US), Torkil Gudnason (DK/US), Vanja Bucan (SI/DE)


Must be fine art photography

The works must have been produced within the past 2 years

Max. 10 images, either as 10 individual works or as part of a series

Project description with up to 1500 characters

Biography and CV must be included


Call for entries open
13 January 2020
Submission deadline
14 February 2020
Winner announcement
5 March 2020
Grand opening and networking dinner
4 June 2020
Final day and auction
14 June 2020



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    Biography with up to 1500 characters

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    Country of residence

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    CV with up to 2000 characters (or PDF file)

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    First name

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    Last name

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    1 project per submission

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    1 to 10 images per project

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    File type must be JPG

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    At least 1500px on the long edge


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    Project title

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    Project year

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    Image country

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    Image description

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Kristine Kern, (minor in philosophy) and has since 2011 been the director of Fotografisk Center, an art center in Copenhagen specialized in contemporary art photography and other lens based media, especially from the Nordic Region. Kristine Kern has also worked as an art critic and as a lecturer and contributed to a large number of magazines, catalogues and anthologies. Kristine Kern is specialized in contemporary photography, video, projection/installation and art film, but has a broad knowledge of contemporary art.

Ángel Luis González Fernández, founder and CEO of PhotoIreland Foundation, dedicated to stimulating a critical dialogue around photography in Ireland and to internationally promote the work of Irish-based artists. In 2011, he launched 'The Library Project', a public resource library of photobooks, and in 2019, he launched the public-facing project entitled 'The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland'. The project will run every year during July as part of PhotoIreland Festival, eventually becoming a fully fledged museum space.

Alain Bieber, artistic director of the cultural center NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf and co-founder of Rosy DX, a creative studio for digital transformation. Alain Bieber has been organising exhibitions with contemporary artists for around 20 years, especially in the field of net and media art and photography. He studied rhetoric, literature, sociology, communication and political science in Tübingen and Paris, and previously headed the crossmedia lab ARTE Creative in Strasbourg and was an editor at the german art magazine ART in Hamburg.


What kind of pictures are you looking for at The Censored Exhibition?
The Censored Exhibitions presents fine art photography. The works chosen to be exhibited is chosen by our jury, who -- given their different backgrounds -- might look for different things. The works chosen are also to be exhibited together, which means they will have to fit an overall exhibition profile, which will be defined by the jury during the selection. However, the works must have been produced within the past three years.

How many images can I submit?
You can submit max. 10 images, either as one project or as 10 individual works.

Is it possible to apply more than once?
No, it is only possible to apply once per year.

Is it possible to apply for the exhibition with a complete series of works?
Yes, it is possible to apply with both complete series of works (up to 10 images) as well as individual works. However, how many of the works that are selected is up to the jury.

Who pays for the transportation of my work?
You must cover all transportation costs if your works are selected for The Censored Exhibition.

Who pays for the printing/framing costs?
You are responsible for all the cost related to the printing/framing if your works are selected for The Censored Exhibition, but we can put them in contact with local printers and framers to save transportation costs. Please notice the requirements: It is not allowed to print you work on canvas or mount your work on foam board due to the overall aesthetic quality of the exhibition. Works on paper should be framed.

What does is cost to apply for The Censored Exhibition? And what does this fee cover?
There is an application fee of € 24. This covers an application for up to 10 images, either as a series or as individual works. The fee covers administration costs in relation to the selection process as well as costs in relation to the marketing of the festival and the individual exhibitions. Marketing is done digitally (online programme and social media) as well as in our printed programme.

I have paid the application fee. Is it possible to get a receipt?
You will automatically receive a receipt after payment. If not, please send us an e-mail at

Is the exhibitions guarded?
There will be employees present during the festival.

Can I receive feedback even if my work is not selected?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to give individual feedback to applicants who are not selected for the exhibition due to the fact that we receive several hundred submissions each year.

14 February 2020
10:59 PM