Call for lens based works exploring topic of NEW BORDERS for the evening of curated projections at the International Photography Symposium NIDA. Meting Photogaphy by the Baltic Sea.
3 August 2021
9:59 PM

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NIDA. Meting Photogaphy is pleased to launch an open call for lens based works for a curated evening of projections in Nida, Lithuania.

The topic of this open call is NEW BORDERS

We invite artists and photographers of any age, nationality and geographic location to submit lens based works in a form of photographic series or short videos (up to 10 min) exploring the theme NEW BORDERS. How the world changed in time of quarantine and how concept of "border" became different and possibly broader. Is BORDER always just a physical? Can BORDER be a mental state? For long time we were encouraged to avoid public places. Can BORDERS be extended into a virtual space were you socialize and live more actively? Did our BORDERS changed over this time of isolation?  How the present situation in the world will mark future of photographic storytelling and how different will we read pictures in the future?

We are looking for broad and innovative interpretations of NEW BORDERS topic, whether it's speculations on the future of the planet or humanity, a close look into utopia/ dystopia, future of the photographic image or technology. Yet it's not only the content of submitted work that should reflect the theme, but also its execution: we are interested in seeing works that exist in between photography and other mediums, disciplines and sciences.

We welcome analogue and digital experiments, collage works, videos, augmented photography, simulations and anything that may fall into the broad category of lens based media.

Selected works will be screened during International Photography Symposium NIDA. Meting Photogaphy in Lithuania in September. The symposium is now in its 44th year and has grown to attract local and international artists, photographers, lecturers, historians and critics to a special location on Curonian Spit on the Baltic Sea.

This is a great opportunity to share your work with an international audience of photographers, artists, curators, critics and gallery representatives in a unique setting of pine forests and sand dunes.

What winners receive

  • Selected artists will have their submitted works screened at the projection event during NIDA. Meting Photogaphy in September, 2021.

  • One overall winner receives:

Invitation to attend the symposium in Nida, Lithuania, September 2022. The winner will be given an opportunity to give an artist talk about his or her practice and become part of the official program of the symposium. Accommodation in organisers’ chosen hotel and breakfast in Nida, Lithuania. Symposium pass to all lectures and related public programme. Return travel to Nida for up to 200 EUR.

About NIDA. Meeting Photography

  • NIDA. Meting Photogaphy is organised by Lithuanian Photographers Association that unites more than 300 members and runs 4 photography galleries in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

Previous editions have invited lecturers and participants from around the world including Elina Brotherus, Mathieu Asselin, Sharon Yaari, Joachim Schmid, Martin Parr, Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti, Clare Laude, Liz Wells, Calin Kruse, Alnis Stakle, collective Sputnik and more.

The symposium, happening since 1973, has become a well-known event in the region and internationally. Famous for combining high standard lectures, artist talks, workshops and exhibitions with the relaxed atmosphere in a unique setting on the Baltic Sea, the symposium aims to open up to new international connections whilst maintaining the charm of the resort town (previously fishing village). 

The program of the symposium allows to both enjoy the lectures and panel discussions, join in the workshops, attend screenings and photobook market as well as have enough time to swim in the sea, explore the biggest sand dunes in Europe and go wildlife spotting.

Nida is a unique resort town in a Curonian Spit National Park in Lithuania, surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. Busy with tourists over the summer, it returns to it's usual calm in September.  Nida, the surrounding pine forests and sand dunes are home to white- tailed eagles, foxes, hares, moose and wild boar. Cycling, Nordic Walking, sailing and fishing are among the tourist attractions, not to mention the local fish smokeries.

The closest airports are Palanga (86 km, 1,5 hours), Kaunas (270 km, 3 hours), Vilnius (357 km, 4,5 hours) and Riga (Latvia, 357 km, 5 hours).

To get more information on previous editions of NIDA International Photography Symposium, visit and check out video from previous editions here

How to Enter:

Two projects per person (if work consists of both video and stills it can be submitted as one).

15 - 30 images in jpeg format (at least 2500px and no more than 4000px on the long side).

Please number the images in the order you want them shown in.

For video works please provide a link to Vimeo/ Youtube or your website (if password protected please provide the password). Please add the link to the project statement.

If submitting moving image work only, please upload stills in the image upload area.

Judging Criteria

We are looking for diverse approaches on the themes of NEW BORDER, and we especially encourage to submit works that are experimental in nature. The judges are hoping to see photographic stills, collage, installation, moving image work, analogue and digital, anything that can be defined as lens-based artworks. This open call is for a projection event, and we will also be assessing how submitted works fit the format. We welcome submissions with their own sound (-tracks), if the rights to the sound/ music are secured.


Call for entries open
30 June 2021
Submission deadline
3 August 2021
Selected candidates announcement
9 August 2021



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Juror information

Gytis Skudžinskas (Artist, book artist and graphic designer, curator, Head of Lithuanian Photographers Association)

Vilma Samulionytė (Photographer, Film-maker, Curator at Lithuanian Photographers Association, Artistic director of International Photography Symposium NIDA.Meeting Photography, founder of NoRoutine books)

Dalia Mikonytė (artist, educator, archive curator at Lithuanian Photographers Association)


  1. Can I submit a selection of single unrelated images rather than a series? No, we only accept series of still works or moving image pieces.

  2. Do I have to be a resident of Lithuania to participate in this open call? No, you don't. Anyone can participate.

  3. I want to submit my work for the projection event, but I won't be able to attend Nida symposium if I win the open call. What should I do? You can still submit work. If you do not want to be considered for the main prize, please indicate at the end of your project description.

  4. Is it ok if the work has been exhibited or published before? Yes, it is fine.

  5. What language should I fill the form in? Please use English only.
  1. I’m a previous winner of NIDA open call, can I still submit? Yes, if you submit other body of work. However, you will not be considered for the main prize
3 August 2021
9:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.