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21 November 2022
11:59 PM

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Global SinoPhoto Awards 2023

【华人镜界】国际摄影大奖赛, 2023 (中文内容)

The Global SinoPhoto Awards (GSPA) is an international photography contest that rewards outstanding photographers annually with a cash prize, a London exhibition and global media exposure.

The GSPA is open to all photographers, of any age, emerging or established, that have a Chinese story to tell across the diaspora, mainland China and globally. We also encourage submissions from artists working in all forms of photographic art and genres. We are looking for innovative, profound and inspiring work.

The Global SinoPhoto Awards’ overall objective is to communicate Chinese culture and values through remarkable imagery and to connect photographers internationally.

Why enter these Awards?

  • Cash prizes for the winners: €1,888 for the overall winner and €288 for the category winners
  • Award ceremony by invitation to The British Library
  • Selected finalists’ work will be exhibited at the FUJIFILM House of Photography in Central London
  • A catalogue of “The Family of Man” exhibition, courtesy by the Steichen Collections/Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA), Luxembourg
  • A 12-month membership to the Societies of Photographers
  • Recognition by our industry judges, with potential mentorship
  • International media coverage

"Since winning the Global SinoPhoto Award 2021 I have been so pleased with the response to my series ‘Cave Dwellers of Shanxi’. My winning image was published in many major publications including the Guardian and the Times, displayed at the Museum of East Asian Art and other occasions; several photography collectors have purchased my work. The prize has helped me share my work with an important international audience." __ Li Huaifeng


  • Portraiture: All traditional and contemporary approaches to this subject are welcome including self-portraits, fashion, conceptual studies, metaphorical, fictional or staged. Your portrait can be a candid, casual moment or a professional shoot in a studio and is not limited to the human portrait but also applies to animals.

  • Food: We are looking for a broad and diverse approach to the subject of food. From art photography to a street shot, this can include stylised still life or photographs from social media food blogs. Subject matter can be anything relating to food and drink such as eating, food presentation, celebrations, food production, farming, sustainability or lack of food.

  • Environment: This category is looking for images which reflect your relationship to the environment whether it be the planet, your countryside, your city, your back yard. Marvel at the magic around you or reflect on environmental challenges and solutions.

  • Series This year we are encouraging photographers to tell a story through a set of photographs (a series can be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 images). We are looking for a body of images that work together as a coherent group either thematically, conceptually or aesthetically. The series must be accompanied by an artist statement explaining the idea behind the series. There is no thematic requirement for a series submission. As long as there is an element of Chinese culture within the set of images, the subject matter can be anything under the sun.

Judging criteria

A Chinese element must be included in a single image, or within a set of images in a series. The work must show originality, imagination and an understanding of the chosen category brief.

We encourage submissions from all genres of photography, including but not limited to social documentary, conceptual, architectural, abstract, staged, fashion, still life, camera-less, experimental and analogue.

Submissions must be photographic but can incorporate other art forms (ie. collage or painting), however, constructed photographs are acceptable, provided that the artist clearly states the medium, technique, interventions, and practice.

The story or concept of the image must also be included in the submission statement (no more than 250 words).

All qualifying submissions will be eligible for selection by the Judges. This means that the submission meets all the Terms & Conditions, and the Awards’ official Rules and Guidelines.

Submission charging system:

There is an entry fee of €8, + a submission fee of €6 per image. 25€ per series (5-10 images). The charge is subject to VAT if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions


Call for entries open
10 September 2022
Submission deadline
21 November 2022
Awards Announcement at the British Library
17 January 2023
Exhibition at the FUJIFILM House of Photography
January 2023
Annual Exhibition during China Week at King’s College London
October 2023



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  • Andrew Sanigar: Commissioning Editor for Photography and Design, Thames & Hudson
  • Kim Hoang(黄秋河): Senior picture editor, Save the Children, the Guardian, Magnum Photos.
  • Yao Lu(姚璐): International award-winning artist, lecturer in photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.
  • Michael Freeman: Photographer and prolific author with 155 books published internationally in 28 languages.
  • Betty Yao(姚詠蓓): Curator and author of “Through the Lens of John Thomson 1868–72” exhibition and book
  • Patrik Schumacher: Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd., Chief Designer of the Daxing International Airport, one of the world's largest airports





21 November 2022
11:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.