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5 December 2021
11:59 PM

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Global SinoPhoto Awards 2021

【华人镜界】国际摄影大奖赛, 2021 (中文)

In association with

Museum of East Asian Art, UK

Lau China Institute, King’s College London

World Architecture Festival China

Global SinoPhoto Awards, the annual, international photography contest, aims to communicate Chinese culture through high-quality, remarkable imagery which reflects the skills, creativity and imagination of the photographer, and to provide a creative hub to inspire and connect photographers internationally.

Why enter these Awards?

  • Winners of the Awards will receive cash prizes and certificates: €2,888 for the overall winner, €366 for category winners;
  • Winning photographs will be showcased during the World Architecture Festival China;
  • Winning photographs will be exhibited for six weeks at the Museum of East Asian Art, UK;
  • Winners will receive a complimentary membership from the Societies of Photographers;
  • Winners will be included in the 2022 Awards calendar;
  • Winning and shortlisted works will be circulated around the world’s photography circles and Chinese speaking communities;
  • Winning photographers will be announced through a press release distributed worldwide.


In 3 of the 4 categories we require elements that represent Chinese culture to be included. In the category ‘water’ this is not required, as we hope to offer more space for interpretation and creativity. All genres of photography are accepted. The four categories are:

  • Home (with a Chinese element included) This subject has been an inspiration and creative source for many through the generations. Over the past year, our experience of Home has taken on new significance — for some, it became a sanctuary and escape, for others home meant confinement or bonding.

  • Work & Play (with a Chinese element included) Our work and interests bring focus to our day, and connect us to our friends and families. Skills and responsibilities are often passed down through generations. For the lucky ones work and play can be the same thing.

  • Environment (with a Chinese element included) This category focuses on humanity’s ability to survive and innovate, the belief that we can overcome challenges and our determination to live a sustainable life.

  • Water (no need to include Chinese elements) Not only is water an element, being linked to the year of the tiger in 2022, it is also a key aspect of Taoism, the only organic religion/philosophy which originated in China, and is part of Chinese culture in general.

Judging criteria

The work must show originality, imagination and an understanding of the chosen category brief. All qualified submissions will be eligible for selection by the Judges. This means that the submission meets all the Terms and Conditions, Official Rules and Guidelines.

Submission charging system:

There is an entry fee of €8, + a submission fee of €6 per image. The charge is subject to VAT if applicable.

More info on submission

Frequently Asked Questions


Call for entries open
6 September 2021
Submission deadline
5 December 2021
Awards Announcement
February 2022
Exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art
February 2022
Exhibition at the World Architecture Festival China
November 2022



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  • Patrik Schumacher: Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd., Chief Designer of the Daxing International Airport, the world's largest airport when built.
  • Kim Hoang(黄秋河): Senior picture editor, Save the Children; the Guardian, the Red Cross, Magnum Photos.
  • Yao Lu(姚璐): International award-winning artist, lecturer in photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
  • Lynne Bryant: Founder of The Architectural Photography Awards, former Chair of the British Association of Picture Libraries (BAPLA). Lynne is also the Co-founder of the Global SinoPhoto Awards
  • Michael Freeman: Photographer and prolific author with 155 books published internationally in 28 languages, including bestsellers "The Photographer's Eye" and "The Tea Horse Road".
  • Betty Yao(姚詠蓓): Curator and author of “Through the Lens of John Thomson 1868 – 72” exhibition and book.

Partners and Sponsors

Global SinoPhoto Awards' parent company is the UK-based consultancy firm ACTIVE Anglo Chinese Communications (  Managing Director Yintong Betser co-founded this Awards with Lynne Bryant, the creator of the Architectural Photography Awards. ACTIVE is renowned for its East meets West, Business meets Culture projects and events, Global SinoPhoto Awards is one of its initiatives. The Awards' organization committee also includes the partnership director Andrea Stern, the art director Gemma Barnett, and communication director Lynda Heath, supported by our expert panel of judges.

We thank our partners and sponsors for their support:

Museum of East Asian Art, UK

Lau China Institute, King’s College London

World Architecture Festival, China

Bristol & West of England China Bureau

Blick Rothenberg

UK Chinese Entrepreneurship Club

The Societies of Photographers (UK)

Tianyao Global


Supported Charity: Mothers’ Bridge of Love





5 December 2021
11:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.