Want to receive international exposure and connect with the photography industry in the Nordics? This is an open call for visual artists and photographers interested in a solo exhibition at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2022. We are looking for interesting projects concerning one of the three pillars of the festival programme: Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision.
3 November 2021
10:59 PM

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About the festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival is running from June 2-12 in 2022, showcasing an artistically and conceptually ambitious programme that celebrates creativity and experimentation within photography and lens-based art, and aims to build bridges between fine art and documentary photography.

The festival takes place at our exhibition park and at collaborating galleries, museums and cultural institutions in Copenhagen and southern Sweden. For 11 days, photography is on the agenda under the three main pillars Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision, through exhibitions, workshops, talks, photobook markets and more.

Our exhibition park is the heart of the festival and located on Refshaleøen, an island in the epicenter of Copenhagen life, home to several cultural institutions that draw audiences from all across the globe. We will contribute to the pool of artistry by using our platform to focus on development, such as new ways to challenge traditional exhibition methods, new ways to use photography as well as new perspectives and emerging talents.

The festival is for those who want to break new ground and challenge the idea of what photography is and can be, now and in the future.

We put great focus on architectural and spatial considerations when we design the specific exhibition in co-creation with the artists. Led by our principle of sustainability, we strive to find creative ways to use both our indoor exhibition space Frame, as well as its surrounding nature in the exhibition park as platforms for our exhibition design.

The solo artists at Copenhagen Photo Festival are selected as the headliners of our three focal points: Framing identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision. They are our ways of opening up windows to other worlds and serve the purpose of presenting photography across genres, by focusing on the individual, society and art. Applicants must, therefore, be able to define which of these categories they identify most with their project.

What exhibitors receive

As an exhibitor at Copenhagen Photo Festival, your work will receive international exposure on a plethora of platforms giving you a chance to connect with other art and photography professionals. Exhibitors will more specifically receive:

  • A solo exhibition in the heart of the festival's exhibition park

  • € 530 fee as a solo exhibitor

  • € 270 support for travel to and accomodation in CPH (for international photographers)

  • Copenhagen Photo Festival will cover the expenses for the exhibition

  • A targeted PR- and marketing strategy for your exhibition on Copenhagen Photo Festival's communication platforms

  • The possibility to meet and make contact with other exhibitors, curators and professionals through a large networking dinner, talks and gallery walks


Call for entries open
21 September 2021
Submission deadline
3 November 2021
Shortlist announcement
17 January 2022
Exhibitor announcement
1 February 2022
Grand opening
2 June 2022
Last day of the festival
12 June 2022



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Requirements and Participation

  • The application must include a biography, artist statement and CV.
  • Applicants must present a project description of up to 3000 characters that explains the finalized concept.
  • The concept must fit one of the festival’s three programme pillars (see the description above).
  • The project description must outline the concept of your project: The expected number of works, the format and material of the works, if AV equipment is needed and if the project has been exhibited before (see terms and conditions).
  • The project submitted must never have been exhibited in Denmark before.
  • You must present a minimum of 10 images that support the concept.
  • Image size: Minimum 1500px on the long side, sRGB.

  • Copenhagen Photo Festival commits to providing equal opportunities, and we encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds, races, religions, ages, genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, or social statuses to apply.
  • Applicants must be open to dialogue with CPF about the presentation of their work.
  • We encourage exhibitors to consider themselves ambassadors of the festival and expect them to take part in activities both before and during the festival, both online and in person.
  • We also expect exhibitors to participate in activities such as videos or podcasts relating to their exhibition or to offer an artist talk during the festival.

Programme committee

The programme committee that will be selecting the Solo Artists for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2022 consists of highly qualified professionals, who have expertise within curation, photojournalism and art. By bringing together an array of perspectives we ensure that each applicant's work is considered and selected in regards to aesthetic, conceptual and journalistic aspects.


I would like to submit more than one project. Is it possible?
No, you are only allowed to submit one project.

Can I enter as a duo or collective?
Yes, you are allowed.

Who pays for the production of my work?
CPF pays for the printing or transportation of each solo exhibition. The budget is part of the agreement between the exhibitor and the festival.

Are the exhibits guarded?
There will be employees present during the festival

Is my exhibition insured?
Your works will be insured during the period they are exhibited in the festival centre.

What does my application fee cover?. Only one submission allowed per photographer. The fee of 47€ contributes to the administration costs covering the selection process as well as the marketing of the festival and the individual exhibitions.

Who are previously selected artists?
See the selected solo artists of 2021 here: https://copenhagenphotofestival.com/en/exhibitions/solo-artists/

3 November 2021
10:59 PM

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.