Want to receive international exposure and connect with the photography industry of Scandinavia? This is an open call for visual artists and photographers interested in a solo exhibit at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2020. We are looking for interesting projects concerning one of the three pillars of the festival programme: Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision.
20 December 2019
10:59 PM

About the festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival is Scandinavia's largest photo festival and it takes place every year. The festival includes a festival centre, consisting of a group exhibition and 5-8 solo exhibits with photographers chosen by our committee. 

Alongside this, the festival has an extensive programme of around 50 exhibits in collaboration with more than 40 different museums, galleries and venues in both Copenhagen and southern Sweden - as well as several events including artist talks, seminars and workshops.

The festival takes place from June 4th to 14th with the festival centre located on Refshaleøen, an island in Copenhagen with an industrial history. The raw atmosphere has made the island a creative centre with art institutions such as 'Copenhagen Contemporary', theatres, food markets and cultural events which draws an audience from the entire world.

In collaboration with the artist, we aim to engage the artworks in the industrial aesthetic of Refshaleøen, previously we have been using outdoors areas, a 2-storey container structure in addition to our indoor spaces.Through the festival we like to challenge traditional presentation methods, finding new and innovative ways to present the artists' vision by creating an open dialogue with the artist about the presentation of their work.

Copenhagen Photo Festival programme is divided into three pillars that seek to build bridges between fine art and documentary photography. Applicants must, therefore, be able to define which of these categories they identify most with their project.

  • Framing Identity: Exhibitions with the individual in focus (Subject, existence and identity)

  • Framing Society: Exhibitions concerned with society (Politics, ideology and culture)

  • Framing Vision: Exhibitions concerned with the photography medium itself (Aesthetics, technique and medium)

What exhibitors receive

As an exhibitor in the festival's exhibition programme, your work will, first of all, receive international exposure on a plethora of platforms giving you a chance to connect with experienced members of the visual art industry.  Participants of Copenhagen Photo Festival's centre will more specifically receive:

  • A solo exhibition in the heart of Scandinavia's largest photo festival.

  • 400€ fee as a festival participant.

  • 200€ support to travel and accomodation in CPH (for international photographers)

  • Copenhagen Photo Festival will cover the expenses for the exhibition

  • A targeted PR- and marketing strategy for your exhibition using Copenhagen Photo Festival's platforms and the festival's printed material.

  • A chance to meet other exhibitors, curators and professionals through a large networking dinner, talks, gallery walks and parties using our programme to expand your network.


Call for entries open
20 October 2019
Submission deadline
20 December 2019
Shortlist will be announced
1 February 2020
Exhibitors will be announced
15 February 2020
Grand opening
4 June 2020
Last day of the festival
14 June 2020



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    First name

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    Biography with up to 1500 characters

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    Country of residence

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    Last name

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    CV with up to 2000 characters (or PDF file)


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    1 project per submission

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    10 to 25 images per project

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    File type must be JPG

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    At least 1500px on the long edge


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    Project year

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    Project description

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    Project location

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    Project title

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    Image date (year)

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    Image title

Programme committee

Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, festival director at Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Charlotte Præstegaard Schwarz, post.doc., curator and manager at ASTRID NOACKS ATELIER

Søren Pagter, head of the department for photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Sigrid Nygaard, photographer and photo editor at the daily newspaper Information

Claire Gould, Curator, Helsinki Art Museum (on sabbatical till September 2020)

Balder Olrik, Visual Artist and Art Photographer

Your application

  • Applicants must present a project description of up to 2000 characters that explains the finalized exhibition concept. The concept must fit one of the festival's three programme pillars (see the description above).

  • The application must include the expected number of works, the format and material of the works, if AV equipment is needed and if the project has been exhibited before (see terms and conditions).

  • The project submitted must never have been exhibited in Denmark before.

  • You must present a minimum of 10 images that support the concept.

  • Image size: Minimum 1500px on the long side, sRGB.

  • The application must include a biography, artist statement and CV.

  • Applicants must be open to discussions with CPF about the presentation of their work.

  • We encourage exhibitors to consider themselves ambassadors of the festival and we expect them to take part in the promotion of the festival in their network such as on social media.


I would like to submit more than one project. Is it possible?
No, you are only allowed to submit one project.

Can I enter as a duo or collective?
Yes, you are allowed to participate as a duo or collective, but we will prioritize solo exhibitors this year.

Who pays for the production  of my work?
Copenhagen Photo Festival will pay for the production. An agreement will be made with the artist beforehand in regards to the specific project and its needs (Is it an indoor or an outdoor exhibition, how many works will be exhibited etc.)

Are the exhibits guarded?
There will be employees present during the festival

Is my exhibition insured?
Your works will be insured during the period they are exhibited in the festival centre.

What does my application fee cover?
The application fee of 47€  incl. VAT (350 DKK) covers administration costs in relation to the selection process as well as costs in relation to the marketing of the festival and the individual exhibitions. Marketing is done digitally (online programme and social media) as well as in our printed programme.

Who are previously selected artists?
Here is a link to our website - which gives you access to previous programmes and artists who have been involved.

20 December 2019
10:59 PM